Meet Jako.

AI-powered live call assistant for sales reps. 

Real-time information & advice.

Nail every customer question.

Win moments that matter. 

Convert more calls.

Reduce deal cycles.
Sell more.




Captures Calls in Real-time

Seamless integration to video call services such as Zoom,

Hangouts, and WebEx


Real-time Processing

Jako understands what's being said during the call.

Customer questions,

competitor names,

objections and more


Delivers Relevant
Tips & Insights 

Jako provides sales reps valuable and personalised insights, 

based on what the

customer is saying,

asking and the buying

signals they show




Get information

about competition when customers mention them


Use your company's best practices when customers bring up pricing objections

Engagement & Interest

Help you understand how deeply your customer is engaged with you

Discovery Questions

Get suggestions to personalized discovery questions that will take your calls to the next level

Know Your Customer

Real-time nuggets on what your customer cares about, trends in their industry, mutual connections and common interests

Legal & Compliance

Have the right information when
they ask about Legal
or Compliance



Our Vision

Everyone loves to be on top of things in meetings. Don't you like the feeling that you got this? But for sales reps
it's incredibly hard.
They could have a dozen meetings per day.

It’s humanly impossible to prep to all of them. With Jako, they won’t need to!
Jako whispers them the right information they need in real-time. So they nail sales calls, your customers get tailored & professional service,
and you all win more deals together.

Our Technology

Our robust AI-based technology allows us to get a meaningful understanding
of sale-calls using an integrated array of AI capabilities: Automatic Speech
Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Computer Vision. Based on a deep understanding of the content of a conversation and Natural Human Understanding (NHU) of the customer, 
our virtual assistant retrieves real-time information and insights.


Designed to Integrate With The Platforms You Love



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